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Choosing the Perfect Wine Glass

It’s been said that the best glass for wine, is the one from which you are drinking. However, a walk through a kitchen store or even just the glasses aisle at a big box store can quickly reveal that there is a multitude of wine glasses from which to choose. With just a quick perusal, you will find stemmed glasses and stemless glasses, those with narrow bowls and those that are wide, glass that have thick edges and those with thin, and the list and styles go on.  So, with a plethora of wine glasses from which to choose, it can seem somewhat intimidating if you are attempting to select glasses for a gift or a special occasion.

Thankfully, the selection of wine glasses doesn’t have to be a stressful activity. There are some basic rules of thumb to keep in mind.

Types of Wine Glasses

Wide – Wine glasses with a wider bowl increase how much of the wine is exposed to the air and allows more the aroma of the wine to release more. Since so much of what is tasted is based on what we smell, a wider bowl means more of the aroma is released into the air. This is especially true with red wines, which is why many wine connoisseurs use wide bowl glasses when drinking red wine.

Narrow – These are best for lighter tasting wines such as white wines or champagne as there is less of a surface area exposed to the air. A narrow wine glass will also preserve the chill and delicacy of the wine.

Stemmed – The purpose of a stemmed glass is to keep your hands away from the bowl of the glass, because the temperature of your hand can warm the wine and thus affect the flavor. Also, from a space perspective, it is easier to store stemmed glasses.

Stemless – Sometimes referred to as tumblers, these are perfect for everyday usage, as well as casual events and outdoor parties. These glasses also work well as a water glass for more formal events where wine will be served in a taller glass.

Tapered – These glasses help prevent spills that may result from swirling, but also suspends the wine’s aroma at the top of the glass and prevents it from wafting away when swirled.

Flared – This type of glass will taper and then flare slightly. It will hold the wine toward the front of one’s palate, and highlight the flavors of the wine but temper the acidity.

When it comes to wine glasses, the bottom line is that it is the wine that matters, not the glass. But, if you feel the need to have some variety, then you only need two sets – a set of sparkling wine flutes and a set of all-purpose stemmed glasses that can be used for both white and red wine. So, grab a glass and get ready to enjoy the flavors of the wine. At Bear Claw Vineyards, we look forward to raising a glass with you.

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